Overall Rating: 97.50%
Average Rating: 9.75/10
I just picked up the clothes moth traps after watching the population inside keep on a growing and with each expansion thinking that I had captured the last of them. Alas after doing some reading online, I discovered that I would have to do far more than I have been doing including eliminating as many of the dust bunnies and all other things that these creatures love to hide out in.

Thank you for creating this product which is not just functional but also looks nice - I also appreciate the plastic covers so no chance of escaping moths. Within minutes of setting up 4 of these, I'd captured multiple moths in a few of the traps. Now I will be stockpiling a few more of these traps to ensure that as I continue to clean up, that I provide myself with every opportunity to once and for all rid my home of these nasty and pesky creatures.
I put them on my tomato stakes outdoors , caught thrips, white flies, flies and gnats, so sweet.No more chasing them with sprays. Love it.
ernest van tent
I have used the Pantry and Clothes MOTH TRAPS and got excellent results. I would not use any other product anymore.
Dagmar King
Great customer service. Outstanding product.

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