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Spider Trap

Spider Trap
Price: $5.99
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The pestNOmore® Spider Trap is scientifically designed for use in your home, office, warehouse, or business - anywhere Spiders are found. Most spiders are beneficial in that they help to keep the insect population in a natural balance, but can become a problem for people when their population increases, or when dangerous species are present. Use pestNOmore® Spider Traps anywhere they are needed indoors. They are effective against Black Widows, Brown Reclues, Sac and Hobo spiders. Like all Green Earth Products', this trap is scientifically designed on insect behavior and contains no poisons or toxins of any kind. It is safe near children and pets, and is easy to use. Each package of pestNOmore® Spider Traps contains 6 traps, and each trap will last up to 3 months

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