Bloom Honeybee Attractant
Stryker Designer Indoor Flying Insect Trap
Yellow Jacket Disposable Big Bag Trap
Stryker Outdoor Mosquito and Flying Insect Trap
Aphid Trap
Clothes Moth Trap
Flour Pantry Moth Trap
Fruit Fly Trap
Sticky Stix Trap
Fly Disposable Big Bag Trap - Outdoor
House Fly Trap - Indoor
Silverfish Trap

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Green Earth Products® is a company dedicated to investing in the environment by developing, manufacturing, and distributing products that are not only environmentally friendly, but safe to use by the consumer. Our products are also effective, easy to use, and priced with the consumer in mind.

Family Friendly Insect Traps

Our insect traps contain no toxins or poisons, and are safe around children and pets. They are easy to set up and maintain by the consumer, and every product we sell has a toll free number for customer support, as well as an extensive web site that provides the customer with resources, on-line support, and Frequently Asked Questions about our products. We are a customer friendly company that strives to provide the best service possible, not only to our retailers, but also to our customers.

Environmentally Friendly, Intelligently Designed

All of our pest control products are designed by trained entomologists and engineers, and are insect specific. They will attract and capture insects they are designed for, and will not attract insect species that are beneficial to the environment. Our products are also thoroughly tested in real world situations - not just in the laboratory. We know they work before we sell them.

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